In Dreams May Lie

The Haunting

Three neighbors and happenstance friends were drinking coffee at the local Grind n Roast. Their favorite barista Samuel told the trio of his uncle and landlord, Barry, who was having a difficult time getting the health inspection to pass on some property he owned.

After asking some questions of the previous tennant currently detained at the Boston Sanitarium, the investigators decided to do some research before heading straight to the house. They visited the hall of records, local library, civil court, and Boston University. After they gained a rough knowledge of what may lie ahead of them they set off to see for themselves what lie in wait at 600 Harlen Drive.

Upon entering the house they saw that it was empty and decrepit. Full of empty rooms and dusty bookshelves. There was a strange diary of a previous tenant, Walter Corbitt. When searching through an upstairs bedroom Leo was suddenly knocked out the second story window by an animated bed.

Searching for more clues to aid them in their quest to rid the house of it’s evil they stumbled upon the grounds where the Chapel of Contemplation once stood. After a close call involving some breaking floorboards the investigators found a strange book clad in human skin. With their new knowledge and some quick first aid they left for the house once and for all.

In the basement there awaited an evil never before seen to the three men of Boston. Behind a fake wall Leo broke through with his ax lay Walter Corbitt himself. Donovan was struck with a knife controlled by Corbitt and Atticus succumbed to his psychic power. Engaged in battle Leo damaged Walter enough the Atticus regained his mind and shot dead the vile creature.


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